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Aging Cabin Roof?

Has your cabin weathered storms in Atlanta for decades without repair? It's not uncommon for cabin roofs to wear down unnoticed over years, especially if they're only occupied a few times a year.

For this reason, it's important you keep your cabin's roof in Atlanta in prime condition.  If it begins leaking and goes unnoticed for months it can cost you exponentially more than simply repairing or re-roofing.

The Cool Roofing Co. Roofs & Repairs Cabins

Finding a company to keep your cabin roof in working condition can be difficult, not many contractors are willing to leave the Atlanta area.  The Cool Roofing Company has teams across the South Eastern seaboard, and whether you're in:

  • The North Georgia Mountains
  • Tennessee or the Carolinas
  • Florida

Or anywhere in Atlanta and across Georgia, The Cool Roofing Company can repair or re-roof your cabin. We work with cabins, summer homes, and any building residential or commercial that needs professional roofing services.


These guys are great!! Not just once, but every time I have used them. Professional and courteous and their work is top notch!

Dennis M.

The Cool Roofing Co.

The Cool Roofing Co. is the leader in cabin and summer home roofing, and our team has decades of experience in roofing and roofing repair in Atlanta. Our team is equipped with the proper materials, tools, and knowledge to expertly repair and roof your summer home or cabin. We make sure you receive the services you need at a price you can afford, no matter where you are located.


Cabin Roofing Repair Services

Cabins often only require repairs to keep them sealed and in good condition. Our team offers the services that you need in Atlanta, and will always recommend the right solution for our customers.  We go the extra mile for roofing repairs, beyond simply spraying sealant and calling it a day.  We repair the existing roof and avoid temporarily covering the problem, saving you time, money and stress.


Cabin Roofing

If your cabin roof is beyond repair, or you're building a new cabin or summer home and you need a professional roofer, The Cool Roofing Company has the personnel and equipment you're looking for. We have built roofs in Atlanta and across Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and the Carolinas.  We offer cabin roofing for all areas of the United States, so if you have questions or need a quote for your cabin roof, contact The Cool Roofing Company today.

A Roofing Guarantee You Can Trust

Our team consists of roofers with decades of experience, an award winning team that we're proud of.  Our team is certified or approved by the manufacturers of all roofing products and systems, and we guarantee your new roof will be covered by their warranty.

We work to take great care in maintaining your cabin or summer home's condition in Atlanta, as well as your surrounding property and put substantial effort to work with minimal disruption.  We leave your cabin just the way it was, with a cool new roof that will last.



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