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When it comes to a flat roof structure, modified bitumen is an excellent choice that has become very popular for commercial buildings because it is easy to install and at the same time affordable. Because modified bitumen is a mineral based, single ply roofing system, it can be rolled out onto the surface of the roof. A process of torching follows which allows the adhesives to heat and stick to the roof. If an open flame is of concern, these systems can also be installed through a cold method which involves a peel and stick process with all-weather grade adhesives.

The Cool Roofing Company is a licensed roofing company who provides a full service in commercial roofing, serving in Atlanta, GA. Whether you are looking for a roofing contractor to replace an old worn down modified bitumen roof or looking to install a new modified bitumen roofing system, we are the ones to call.

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By choosing to work with The Cool Roofing Company, you are sure to benefit from our service as we dedicate our full interest towards the roofing project of your home or building, bringing you the utmost value. Our company has been snowballing throughout the years due to significant word-of-mouth coming from our clients. We have been able to keep up the good referals because of the fantastic service we deliver which leaves our clients satisfied at the end of each project. Our goal before each project is to install roofs that are effective in the most affordable way. Therefore you can rest assured that you will be getting your money's worth when choosing a professional roofing contractor like The Cool Roofing Company.  

The Cool Roofing Company is based Atlanta GA, who provide a full roofing service.

We offer a service that covers a wide area in and around Atlanta, GA.

No need be concerned about warranties! We provide a full manufacturer warranty for your new roof installation as well as a workmanship warranty, depending on the project and materials.

Cool Roofing Company has done a fantastic job and I would strongly recommend them for any roofing or gutter needs.

Tom Tharp, Children's Friend Learning Centers, Georgia

Our Guarantee Makes Us Your Trusted Roofers

We believe it's our people that make us special.  Our team is certified or approved by the manufacturers of all roofing products and systems, and we guarantee your new roof will be covered by their warranty.

We work to take great care in maintaining your home's condition, as well as your surrounding property and put substantial effort to work with minimal disruption.  We leave your house just the way it was, with a cool new roof that will last.

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