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Roof Mold Removal

Roof Mold Removal in Atlanta, GA

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If you have a leak in your roof, or if too much humidity imbues the wood in your roof with too much moisture, then there’s a real possibility that mold can take root and grow. A moldy roof is a serious problem for your home. Mold can be a real issue for your roof—it can cause serious health problems, lead to wood rot and other issues with your roof, and so much more. And to make matters worse, no amount of scrubbing or cleaning will actually get rid of the problem for good unless you resolve the actual reason why your roof has become moldy in the first place. That’s why removing mold from a roof is best left to a professional Atlanta roofing contractor with the experience and the tools to get it done right and get to the bottom of the problem you’re having.

At The Cool Roofing Company, solving your roofing problems is what we do best. We’re a full-service contractor with the ability to figure out exactly what’s causing your attic mold growth, and how to fix it properly the first time. Our thorough training and experience is what gives us the ability to quickly and correctly identify your problem so we can solve it at its source. Since 1995, we’re the name customers have turned to when they demand the best, and we’ve proven time and time again that we truly live up to our reputation. We understand how dangerous roof mold growth can be for you and your family, and that’s why no removal job is too large or too small for us to handle.

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Stop Rooftop Mold Growth at the Source

Mold needs three essential conditions to survive: moisture, food, and protection from the harmful radiation from the sun. Mold gets moisture through standing or still water, or a constant, un-drying source of moisture like a leaky roof or even excessive humidity. Mold consumes carbon-based materials, which includes wood, making the decking and framework of your roof an ideal growth spot. Finally, a roof provides the protection from harmful radiation that would otherwise kill spores and colonies off.

Many roof problems could contribute to mold growth, including:

  • Roof leaks
  • Missing or damaged shingles
  • Poor roof ventilation
  • Excessive humidity

Because Georgia is no stranger to high amounts of humidity, especially during the summer months, it’s easy to see how mold can become such a problem. That means there could very well be mold growing in your attic without you even realizing it. If you do find mold, it’s important to make sure that your attic is properly cleaned, and that the problem that’ s causing your mold growth is quickly and effectively repaired. Our Atlanta roofing contractors have the tools to effectively remove mold from your home, and the equipment to make sure it’s done so safely and quickly.

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