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Atlanta Roof Repair

Keeping Your Home Safe from Wind & Weather

Georgia climate comes with some particular challenges. An average of nearly 50 inches of rain a year, high humidity, and the chance for hurricanes mean that our homes’ roofs have a lot to bear up to.

Your roof is the chief source of protection for the rest of your house, so it’s important to keep it in good shape. But if your roof has experienced damage from wear and weather, or you’ve had a sudden source of damage like a falling limb, don’t worry. Get help from The Cool Roofing Company, the third-generation Atlanta roofing contractors who can help set your home right.

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Other Sources of Roof Damage

While severe weather can cause sudden problems, your roof can also become more vulnerable to leaks if certain conditions are present. As part of your regular home maintenance, you should check to make sure that your roof and gutters are clear and are not harboring moisture or decay.

Watch out for the following circumstances that can cause damage to your roof:

  • Tree branches rubbing on shingles or tiles
  • Birds, squirrels, or other critters in your eaves or attic
  • Water puddling due to poor roof design or built-up debris
  • Moss growth causing water retention on or under your shingles
  • Moisture and mildew buildup under a roof due to poor attic ventilation

It’s always better to catch sources of damage early, but it can be hard to notice worsening conditions over time. Fortunately, The Cool Roofing Company can handle all your roof repair needs no matter if the problem was sudden or has developed slowly.

Whether you have shakes, tiles, or shingles, our professional Atlanta roofers have got your repair covered. Contact us at (770) 947-9679 today for a repair estimate.