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Roof Restoration

Atlanta Roof Restoration

Water, Mold, Smoke & Fire Remediation

Your roof, like any part of your home, can experience damage from the elements. When your roof is damaged, it can result in disastrous consequences for the rest of your house.

Wear and damage leading to leaks and excess moisture leading to mold are two common problems that may necessitate roof restoration. Fortunately, we at The Cool Roofing Company can help you. We are the leading Atlanta roofers who understand how to bring your roof back in tip-top shape regardless of fire, water, or mold damage.

Learn more about our roof restoration services and financing option at (770) 947-9679. We also serve Carrollton, Blue Ridge, and the surrounding areas.

How Water Damage Escalates

A small leak in your roof can lead to severe water damage over time. Even if the leak comes from a gap in your flashing (sealing material around skylights and along joints with walls) rather than a break through your shingles, it can result in water seeping into the rest of the house.

Water damage can trickle down to affect various parts of your home and result in:

  • Warped roof decking
  • Weakened rafters and roof structure
  • Moldy attic insulation, drywall, and other material
  • Stained walls and ceilings
  • Weakened window and door frames beneath the leak

Of course, these problems happen over time and can be stopped before they get to the point of a full roof restoration. However, a small leak can be hard to spot and it’s even harder to determine the source. This is why we recommend a thorough roof inspection at least once a year.

Fire Remediation Also Available

The Cool Roofing Company is also experienced in roof restoration after a fire. We can determine the structural soundness of your roof, replace any damaged portions, and clean roofing materials affected by smoke to remove toxic chemicals and prevent further damage.

Whatever the reason, if you need roof restoration in Atlanta, we can help you out.Call The Cool Roofing Company at (770) 947-9679.