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Worried about the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew? The Cool Roofing Company is here to help with all types of roofing repairs & replacements. We're Georgia residents as well and can understand the worries that come with any hurricane. Contact us to today and receive some of our limited time offers:

  • Receive 10% off any roof repairs
  • Receive free "leaf relief" gutter guards with any new roof installation

Limited Time: 10% Off Any Roof Repairs

Contact The Cool Roofing Company today and receive 10% off any roof repairs. If the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew has damaged your roof, contact us and extend the life of your residential roof.

Limited Time: Free Gutter Guards

Receive free “leaf relief” gutter guards with every new roof installation. Does not include removal of old gutter guards and roof install must be over 1500 sq. ft. Must be installed on roof area only.

Worried about the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew? We can give you piece of mind.

Is It Time For A Repair Or A Replacement?

The Cool Roofing Company's team of experts will help to identify whether a roof repair or replacement is your best option to renew the life of your roof.

When identifying whether an Atlanta residential roof needs repairs or a replacement a few things are considered:

  • The age of the roof is more than 15-20 years old
  • There are visible signs of water damage, sagging or damaged shingles
  • The majority of shingles are curling, damaged or discolored

If the above do not apply to your residential roof chances are a simple repair is needed. These repairs can be achieved in a variety of ways by The Cool Roofing Company, such as patch repairs, partial replacements, shingle replacements and leak repairs. However if the above is true for your Atlanta roof a replacement is your best option, as it will extend the life of your roof and will save you money down the road. Contact our team of professionals to ensure your roof is getting what it needs to extend its life, while saving you money.


How Can The Cool Roofing Company Help?

The Cool Roofing Company provides Atlanta residents with multiple residential roofing products and services, combined with an unmatchable reputation.


The Cool Roofing Company offers a variety of services to ensure their customers get exactly what they need, with peace of mind and a price they can afford. Our services differentiate us from the average roofing company in Atlanta and include:

  • Unprecedented warranty through our TLC program
  • Financing options available through GreenSky credit
  • Servicing apartments, multi-family & single homes


Owned by third generation roofer, David Henry, The Cool Roofing Company prides itself on the reputation they have earned over 25 years experience of high quality work and innovation. Their reputation can been seen through multiple accomplishments, including:


The Cool Roofing Company's team of professionals on trained on a variety of roofs and offer a multitude of products. This allows us to provide solutions to all types of Atlanta residential roofs, with knowledge on a wide array of roofs and products, including:

  • Metal, shingle & flat roofs
  • Ceramic & shake tile roofing
  • Thermal barrier cool roofs & more


6 Reasons To Choose The Cool Roofing Company

The Cool Roofing Company is a licensed, insured, and reputable roofing company that has been providing Atlanta and surrounding areas quality roofing for over 25 years. Everything we do is designed to take the burden off our customers.


The Cool Roofing Company offers all its clients, from minor repairs to full replacement, access to what we call the TLC, or Total Life Care, program. With access to the TLC program, you get yearly roof inspections with comprehensive condition reports, access to the Preventative Maintenance Plan, a limited lifetime warranty, and even 3rd party protection against roof punctures! This plan is designed to ensure that you are never surprised with roof damage or need for repairs, and that you have full information at all times concerning the current state of your roof. If repairs are required, The Cool Roofing Company will also provide you with a report detailing all our suggestions for repairs, as well as associated estimates so that you can make budgetary decisions with full information, in advance, without any surprise whatsoever.


The Cool Roofing Company has be providing exemplary roofing products to Atlanta and the surrounding areas, with over 25 years of experience. In that time, we have established ourselves as industry leaders in product quality and service. Not only do we offer among the widest range of materials available for roofing, but knowledge, expertise, and a range of additional services that cannot be matched by our competition. We are committed to more than just providing you with a quality roof, but rather focus on delivering peace of mind for you and your family by offering financing plans, maintenance plans, our TLC program, and more to ensure that your roof is never the source of hassle or headache.



The Cool Roofing Company’s extensive licensing and insurance is an indication of our professionalism. Not another amateur roofer, The Cool Roofing Company has performed extensive due-diligence to ensure (and insure!) that your roofing project is done with absolutely zero risk. Roofers who are unable to legitimate their skills and abilities with industry licensing and proper insurance are a dime a dozen. Hiring them puts homeowners at risk for improperly done jobs and tremendous legal liability, turning a roofing headache into a roofing nightmare. With The Cool Roofing Company, you can rest easy knowing that not only will your job be performed with absolute professionalism, but at zero risk to you.


The Cool Roofing Company offers a range of financing options, competitive with those available from banks, for every one of its clients. We recognize that replacing or repairing a roof is an investment the average family is rarely ready for, and have a range of payment plans that make doing so considerably easier and more comfortable for you and your family. The Cool Roofing Company’s financing plans are designed to make it as easy as possible to not worry about your roof. Whether you need repairs or a full replacement, inquire about our payment plans and we will match you with one that’s right for you!


Every roof replacement performed by The Cool Roofing Company comes with the free installation of ‘leaf relief’ gutter guards. These guards protect your gutters from leaves and other detritus bound to accumulate. Clogged gutters that are left unattended can cause serious damage to your Atlanta residential roof and home, as they are used to more water away from your home. Gutters that remain clogged can cause your roof to leak, leading to serious and costly roof issues. Cleaning gutters is one of the most prominent hassles of home ownership. Fortunately, it’s one that clients of The Cool Roofing company don’t have to worry about!


The Cool Roofing Company has been in the roofing business for Atlanta and surrounding areas for decades, and in that time has entrenched relationships and experience with the most reputable suppliers of roofing materials available in Atlanta. Whether ceramic tiles, asphalt shingles, or metal roofing, you can trust The Cool Roofing Company to source the absolute best materials for the best prices, and install them to last for decades. Regardless of the style of roof you choose, remember that all our products are covered under the TLC program, are warrantied, and have available maintenance plans.



Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions? Check out a few of our most frequently asked questions.

What is The Cool Roofing Company’s area of Service?

The Cool Roofing Company is one of Atlanta’s pre-eminent roofing organizations, but we service all surrounding municipalities as well! If you’re a resident of Douglasville, Lawrenceville, Marietta, Decatur, Kennesaw, or any other area within reasonable driving distance of Atlanta. Additionally, we are licensed to perform work in Florida.

How can I prevent storm damage to my roof?

The average roof in the Atlanta area is exposed more high winds, rain, and hail in its lifetime than most of America; so it’s wise to ensure your roofer installs a roof that can stand up to this kind of abuse. The Cool Roofing Company does this in two ways.

  1. By consistently installing roof’s above and beyond the expectations set out in municipal building codes, ensuring a storm-proof roof.
  2. We extensively warranty our roofs and offer the TLC program to all our clients, ensuring that your roof is in top shape when the time comes for it to face a storm.

What Licenses and Accolades has The Cool Roofing Company Earned?

The Cool Roofing Company has earned Duro-Last’s “Elite” Contractor Status for outstanding quality installations.

  • “We are proud to have The Cool Roofing Company as a member of the Duro-Last dealer/contractor network. They are exceptional in the roofing industry and we are fortunate to be able to serve their needs.”
  • Steve Ruth, Vice President of Sales, Duro-Last Roofing Inc.

What Warranties are Offered by The Cool Roofing Company?

The Cool Roofing company offers a one-year warranty to all our clients on work performed by our staff, in addition to entrance to the TLC program. Additionally, we offer a range of extended warranties for those who are interested in ongoing protection/maintenance. For more information on our warranties and extended coverage get in touch.

My Shingles are Curling! Do I need to replace my roof?

Even though a roof might look terrible with curling, discolored shingles, it’s often the case that it is only in need of inexpensive repair. Even you’ve got a roof that’s sagging, shingles falling off, or gutters clogged with sediment from your shingles, it’s entirely probable you don’t need a replacement.

The only way to know for sure is to consult with The Cool Roofing Company. By getting in touch with us, we can come to your home to perform a free, no-obligation inspection and analysis of your roof, and inform you of the options available to you.

My Roof has Suffered Storm Damage! What do I do?

Most see damage to their roof and assume that their finances are about to take the major hit of a roof replacement, but this is rarely the case! Unless a hurricane has pulled your roof off entirely, chances are The Cool Roofing company can repair any damage without requiring the investment of a full-roof replacement.

If your roof is suffering from damage, it’s get in touch with us as soon as possible. Damage allows moisture to penetrate your roof, and moisture penetration leads to more damage. Getting things fixed now saves you significantly in the long run.

Do You Fix Minor Leaks?

Yes! There’s no job too big or too small for The Cool Roofing Company. Whether you’re looking to put a brand new roof on a massive factory, or patch a leak in your roof, contact us and we’ll take care of it!

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