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The Cool Roofing family has years of experience with many different types of energy efficient commercial roofing across Atlanta. We are Atlanta's most trusted commercial roofing company, completing all commercial roofing jobs with the highest quality, within budget and on time.

Our team is equipped with the proper materials and knowledge to expertly identify and fix your residential roofing issues. We offer both residential roofing repairs and full roof installations, we will assess your current roof to determine what plan of action is best for you.

The Cool Roofing Company has been working with multi-family houses for decades and have the experience and technical knowledge needed to complete the job. We work to provide top workmanship, and are certified and licensed with all of the manufacturers of roofs we install.

"The entire process from estimating to installation was informative and understandable. The Estimates of Costs were reasonable. The installation was timely. The work crew did an excellent job and completely cleaned up their work areas after completion of the project. Would utilize the services of The Cool Roofing Company in the future."

- Reginald K.


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Owned by third generation roofer, David Henry, The Cool Roofing Company is more than a job... it's a Family Tradition.

With The Cool Roofing Company there is no suspicious offers and surprising costs- it is a roofing company worth your trust. We believe that our proper paperwork is just a start to gaining your trust: we possess all relevant documents needed. The Cool Roofing Company, a roofing  company, in Villa Rica, GA is an insured and licensed company that doesn't hire anyone; our workers go through training and education, and before we accept them as a part of our business we do a thorough profile and background check. After all, these are the people that will be working around our clients' home; therefore, we stop any unpleasant experiences on time.

Our roofers possess high levels of professionalism and are able to complete even the most difficult roofing project. With The Cool Roofing Company  you will never experience surprising costs or unexpected results. We do our job transparently, that is why we are a top roofng service company in Villa Rica, GA.

Roofing your home professionally

Resdiential roofing might be the most sensitive one. After all, you and your family members will live under this roof that has to protect you from harsh weather conditions and outside elements. There are countless aspects to consider such as neighbors, material, shape of the roof and style.  Luckily, we have enough experience in roofing in different location, so we give you all advice you need to pick the best material and shape for your home.  We ensure that all elements are satisfied; we schedule the truck, notify your neighbors that there will be construction work and we use high quality tools and equipment. Therefore, if you are thinking of getting a new roof for your Villa Rica proeprty, we got you covered.

Hiring the right contractor

Keep in mind that the roofing company  you choose will be in your home for a while. Follow our advice in order to select the best one, because there is a bunch of things that roofers have to do. Always select companies that have enough experience to back up their offer. Do not limit yourself to just one company, have your option on the table and contact at least three roofing contractors. Don't sign anything never before you've entirely understood conditions and payment procedure. Of course, never agree to hire any company that isn't willing to show you license and insurance- this is an immediate sign that something is not right.

Roofing commercial properties

The Cool Roofing Company offers a wide array of service, so residential roofing is not where we stop. Our skilled workers are also professionals at roofing businesses, small enterprises, offices. No matter how complex your project is, we are capable of providing it with high quality roofing system. We understand that time is money for business owners.

Therefore, we put a new roof on your office in no time! We are familiar with commercial roofing materials, which a lot of roofing companies decide not to do because it is a chellenging process. Therefore, The Cool Roofing Company is the right choice for roofing your business.

Repairs on your roof

Many roofers will tell you right away that you need a new roof if the existing one is damaged. We don't believe in that. New roof is a significant expense, so why throw this one  away because of a few broken shingles? Our profesisonals are capable of repairing damaged roofs, we  visit the site to check how severe the damage is,  we repair it properly, and give you advice on how to stop damage from happening again and what was the real problem.

City of Villa Rica

The charming city of Villa Rica is located both in Douglas and Carroll counties in the state of Georgia. According to 2010 report, Villa Rica had 13 thousand residents which is a jump since 2000's population of 4 thousand. The area was inhabited in 1825 by the Creek people and by 1826 a big wave of people coming from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware brought many farmers and gold miners. Back then Villa Rica was named Hixtown which will be renamed with the arrival of the railroad that will move the city to today's location. In 1881 Villa Rica was finally incorporated, and its name meant rich village due to gold that was found around it. Although little, Villa Rica, today, has a lot to offer to its residents. It has countless historical sites such as the Wicks Tavern, Stockmar Gold Mine, Pine Mountain gold museum and many protected farms. The city represents a vibrant community with a rich entertainment and arts scene. Each year there is a bunch of festivals that attract people from nearby areas such as Gold Rush Festival, Thomas Dorsey Festival, and Homecoming parade. It has a stable and growing economy that attracts new residents; ones who have to pick their top moving company!

The Cool Roofing Company  is a fully insured roofing company in Villa Rica, GA. There is no need to worry about anything; we offer you high-quality staff and job done. Sit back, relax and watch our professionals do their magic!



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