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The Cool Roofing Company does not only specialize in roof installations and roof repairs but also in roof coatings. An excellent roof coating is a silicone roof coating for various reasons. Read on to find out why.

 If you are looking for an excellent waterproofing material for your low pitched or flat roof, then a silicone roof coating is a great choice. By refurbishing your roof with a silicone coating, your roof will reflect the sun's heat rays which help to save on electricity bills. This coating does not disrupt the building at all and is exceptionally environmentally friendly. Best of all, the silicone coating comes with a 20 years warranty.

What are the other benefits when using Silicone Roof Coating as a waterproofing material?

  1.  Silicone roof coatings is an inert material which will last as long as the roof itself, meaning that the layer does not degrade over time. You will be pleased with the longevity and low life-cycle cost that such a coating brings to your roof.
  2. Due to the reflection properties which allows the silicone roof coating to reflect up to 85% of the suns damaging heat rays, the building is protected against movement and structural damages.
  3. In most cases, Silicone roof coatings are used to overlay the existing roofing material. Such a process will reduce disruption to your commercial building because it is not invasive and brings minimal noise properties to your roof.
  4. In buildings with metal roofs, felts and asphalts, it has been proven to reduce the temperature inside tremendously when a white silicone coating was applied. Therefore you can be sure that the need for air conditioning will be lowered when installing a white silicone coating.  
  5. No one wants to be on the lookout for problems on their roof continually, but with a silicone coating, you will have peace of mind that you have a quality roof coating. The fact that it comes with a 20-year warranties shows enough confidence in this waterproofing material.
  6. The installation process of a silicone roof coating is speedy. This reduces the risk of potential damage that can occur when the roof and interior of the building are exposed.
  7.  Silicone roof coating is a money saver in many ways. Besides from the savings on electricity over time, the quick installation process means less labor time needs to be paid. Furthermore, in the long run, you are good to go without having to replace the product because it will not degrade.
  8. No need to repaint the roof because the silicone coating is a waterproofing-system-based-color which will not fade. The roof will receive all the reflective benefits it needs from the silicone coating itself.
  9.  Silicone roof coating is excellent for heavy plant roofs. No other waterproofing material is required to accommodate the penetration on the roof, the drain or other obstacles.
  10. During the installation of a silicone coating, the existing roof does not to be torn down, and no extra waste is produced from the silicone coating. This is environmentally friendly, and it helps to keep disposal costs down. 
  11. Even if permanent water ponding does occur, you can be sure that your roof will remain leak free, because the silicone coating will keep it watertight even under extreme conditions. No splitting or cracking will appear in this product as it is incredibly flexible.
  12. Silicone roof coatings are moisture cured, liquid, and cold -applied which makes it a very safe process. No heating or open flames are ever used which might increase the risk of damage to property or individuals.

Cool Roofing Company has done a fantastic job and I would strongly recommend them for any roofing or gutter needs.

Tom Tharp, Children's Friend Learning Centers, Georgia

Why Choose The Cool Roofing Company for Silicone Roof Coatings?

The Cool Roofing Company are professionals in the roofing field with years of experience in all roof types. We have undertaken many silicone roof coating projects in the past with great success. Not only are we experts in the field, but with us, you can be sure that you will be taking on a valued partner as we put our clients needs firsts. Our proven track record is growing through word of mouth from referrals that have been left satisfied with the work we do. When you hire The Cool Roofing Company, you will be happy to find out that our goal is to keep you satisfied by applying the cool roof coating in the most affordable yet efficient way.

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