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Slate Roofing

Slate Roofing in Atlanta

Beautiful & Long-Lasting Roofing System

Slate has a long and storied history in America and across the world. Nowadays, slate roofs are typically seen on restored historic buildings or chosen for structures expected to have a very long lifespan such as churches, courthouses, or other government and institutional buildings.

Depending on where they are quarried, slate shingles come in gray, blue-gray, black, and even green, purple, red, and varied tones.

It takes an expert to make repairs to slate. Many contractors simply don’t want to deal with the unique procedures and care it takes to replace old slate tiles. But at The Cool Roofing Company, we have experience in restoring all kinds of roofs and materials. If you wish to preserve the integrity of your historic home or building, we can help you with the maintenance needed.

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Why Choose Slate Roofing?

Slate roofs were used on some of the earliest buildings in colonial America. In addition to their beauty, slate shingles have the advantage of being fireproof. Slate roofing reached its peak in the 1910s, but the colors and patterns created with slate frequently added character to Victorian, Queen Anne, and certain gothic building styles.

Today, homeowners continue to choose slate roofing for the following benefits:

  • Classier appearance and more distinctive texture
  • Variety of colors, sizes, and thickness available
  • Can be customized to create a one-of-a-kind color pattern
  • Fire resistance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Longer lifespan

Though slate roofs have been known to last for as long as 150 years, 75 to 100 years are a reasonable expected lifespan.

Get the Most Out of Your Investment

Because of its weight and higher upfront cost, it is important to hire an experienced roofing contractor when installing slate tile roofing. Fortunately, our Atlanta roofers have nearly 25 years of experience handling slate roofs. Whether you are looking to repair or reroof, we get the job done right the first time.

Let us help you enjoy the many benefits of a slate roof. Call The Cool Roofing Company at (770) 947-9679 to request a free estimate!