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Tile Roofing

Tile Roofers in Atlanta

Traditional & Weather-Resistant Material

Tile roofs remain as one of the most popular options for many homeowners and roofers not only because of their beauty that makes you think of a Spanish-style villa or Mediterranean architecture but also due to their weather resistance and longevity. Additionally, tile roofs have low maintenance requirements and can be made in an array of shapes and colors that suit almost any building style.

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Why Choose Tile for Your Home Roofing?

Clay and concrete tiles now come in a variety of fade-resistant color options. Since they’re molded, not cut, they can be made into different shapes for different looks.

Tile roofs have several practical benefits in addition to their style such as:

  • Fire resistance
  • Heat deflection
  • Natural air ventilation under curved tiles
  • Made with natural materials
  • Individual installation, which also means easy repairs
  • Can withstand severe weather

Installation Considerations

Warranties for tile roofs typically run for 50 years, but some estimate the roofs to last even longer. According to the Tile Roofing Industry Alliance, the longevity of tile roofs combined with their low maintenance needs make them a cost-efficient option. Although when considering the upfront cost, clay tiles are generally more expensive than concrete tiles.

Though repair is easy for trained professionals, it does take experience to install and repair tile roofs properly. Homes with tiles roofs must also be able to withstand the heavy weight. If you’re interested in having a tile roof, The Cool Roofing can calculate the necessary structural strength.

Rely on the expertise of the third-generation Atlanta roofers at The Cool Roofing Company if you’re considering a tile roof. We are experienced in traditional and modern building materials.

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